Job Description

Admin Mgr, CPE, Social Media
This position is responsible for working closely with the teams within Professional Continuing Education and the College Marketing team to monitor social media content that will enhance the brand messages and enables positive results. This role is an advocate for PCE programs in social media spaces by developing plans, setting goals, and managing the social media channels. This individual must be able to guide strategy, produce content, reporting, evaluation and provide feedback on the direction of the messaging.
1. Gathers content about our programs and works with marketing on social media messaging for all channels to achieve objectives
• Ideates, plans, creates and distributes organic content to support the marketing multiple campaigns.
• From the program content, recommends digital tactics to achieve intended results.
• Works with the program team and marketing on messaging to promote our work.
• Works closely with the Recruitment and Job Placement Team to support the content to drive enrollment numbers for programs.
• Organizes program digital assets (images, video, and written) in consultation with marketing.
• Knows how to optimize content for organic SEO by aligning it with the overall social media plan.
• Knowledge of what types of content are best for which platform.

2. Plans and sets goals for program content
• Designs a social media plans for each program to drive recruitment efforts.
• Sets clear objectives and tracks results towards those objectives.
• Monitors the results of the plan and makes adjustments as needed.
• Develops and drives the execution of a social media calendar.
• Identifies the target audiences.
• Reads and interprets web reports.
• Improves strategy as needed based on goals and results.

3. Development of online reputation
• Community management: Monitors, listens, and responds to users in a “social” way while cultivating results and engagement within the college brand personality.
• Community growth: Develops plans to increase followers and student engagement.
• Engagement: Engages students (past and current) on social media.
• Message strategy – internal partners: Works closely with internal departments such the foundation, grants team, and College marketing team to provide content for messaging.
• Message strategy – external partners: Works closely with external partners to promote messaging such as CareerSource, political partners, and community agencies.
• Earned media: Uses success stories to gain PR for programs.
• Reach: Tells the story to as many students, employers, and community partners as possible.
• Reputation management: Manages negative comments and feedback on programs, working closely with the teams to respond to any challenges.

4. Manages the results of all social media efforts
• Manages the Sprout Social account for our team.
• Analyzes and tracks campaign performance, making real-time recommendations.
• Cultivate leads from messaging.

5. Consults with marketing on new methods and tools for social media
• Research’s trends for increasing results.
• Evaluates new tools and trends for applicability to improving our work.
• Makes recommendations to the leadership team on the direction for promoting our programs.
• Once a new tool or trend is acted upon, closely evaluates the results and reports to the leadership team.
• Works with Marketing on research to determine tactics to engage potential students.
• Analyzes results from outreach efforts.
• Works collaboratively with the entire team to proactivity report and discuss results.

6. Liaisons with College marketing team for all marketing campaigns
• Meets regularly with the College marketing team on campaigns.
• Collaborates with the leadership team and peers on marketing initiatives.
• Reports results from College marketing campaigns.
• Submits and tracks all marketing requests.
• Assist team members with marketing requests.
1. Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution [required].

2. Proven experience launching strategic social media initiatives, managing campaigns, community growth measuring, and reporting social media presence.
1. Proficient with popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, You Tube).

2. Demonstrates creativity and documented immersion in social media (give links to profiles as examples).

3. Talented at photography, short videos, and imaging to promote social media content (visual intelligence).

4. Candidate should be familiar with basic photo / video editing, altering, creating, and sharing.

5. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator knowledge is a major plus.

6. Knowledge of computers, SEO, internet access and is generally tech savvy.

7. Knowledge of social media management tools (Sprout Social, Buffer, etc.).

8. Analyze, review, and report on the effectiveness of campaigns in an effort to maximize results.

9. Propensity for Time Management/Multi-Tasking: The ideal candidate is a self-starter who is solutions-oriented, thrives under pressure, enjoys fast-paced work and is dedicated to quality. He/she is extremely motivated and in search of a challenging, career-advancing opportunity.

10. Excellent customer service/community engagement skills.

11. Excellent writing, language, communication and interpersonal skills.

12. Team player and is able to guide a team when needed.

13. Detail orientated.
Will require travel to multiple campuses and locations throughout Orange and Osceola County.